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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What Drives Motivate Israeli Missile Attacks on Syria?

What Drives Motivate Israeli Missile Attacks on Syria?
Monday 16 January 2017

Alwaght– The central command of the Syrian army has announced that on Friday morning the Israeli regime fired several missiles at a big military airport in the western side of the capital Damascus. The army statement also warned Tel Aviv of the consequences of such a “blatant violation” of the Syrian sovereignty.
The official Syrian television quoted Syrian army’s statement as saying that a couple of missiles– launched from an area close to the Lake Tiberias in the occupied territories– hit the Al-Maza military airport. The airport contains installations belonging to the country’s presidential guard.
Immediately after the missile attacks, the Syrian foreign ministry sent two separate letters, one to the United Nations Security Council and the other to the UN secretary general, strongly condemning the assault against the military airport outside Damascus. The letter of the foreign ministry read that the aggression comes as part of a series of earlier Israeli aggressions against Syria since the beginning of the crisis in the country.
“Such an attack would not have occurred had it not been for the direct support from the outgoing American administration and French and British”, the letter to the international community added.
Syria also blamed the “mercenaries” of the Western powers like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Turkey, saying that the attack aimed at destroying the Syrian independence and government and also domination of the country and the region as a whole. The Syrian foreign ministry maintained that the aggressions are coming after back-to-back blows dealt to the terrorists in north, center, and south of the country. The Syrian army has recently pushed the militants of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front) out of eastern Aleppo and disarmed terrorists in Damascus outskirts and other fronts like Khan Al-Sheikh, Quneitra, and Daraa.
This is not the first time Tel Aviv strikes Syrian territories. Earlier, the Israeli fighter jets several times violated the Syrian air space, carrying out attacks on targets in the crisis-hit country. The al-Mezzeh military airport was hit at least twice in November and December last year by the Israeli fighter jets. But the fresh assault is attention-grabbing while the country is experiencing a ceasefire after liberation of Aleppo and inflicting heavy losses on the terrorist groups across the country. A couple of goals can drive the Israeli regime to carry out such apparent aggression through missile attacks on a country that is involved in a domestic battle with terror groups:
Distracting the Israeli public opinion
The Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is striking the Syrian territory while it is at home facing unprecedentedly bitter criticism and questions over its political incompetence and economic corruption cases. Referring to the PM Netanyahu’s financial corruption investigation and the resultant popular backlash, the Lebanon-based al-Ahed news website, quoting the Israeli Anyan research institute, said that the Israeli political circles, Western intelligence services, and the political analysts believed that the Israeli PM is doing his best to use the security issues to calm the popular anger that followed the recent corruption inquiry, and so direct the attentions to other issues. The Israeli officials so far declined to comment on their aggressive measures on Syria, but according to the previous experiences and records of such attacks by the Israeli regime, the recent missile attack on al-Mezzeh military airport can be Tel Aviv’s move in a bid to divert the public attention from Netanyahu’s investigation, especially that the last week’s probe also saw engagement of his wife Sarah Netanyahu in the case. She was questioned by the Israeli police for illegally receiving presents from some rich people. With these happenings in mind, targeting the al-Mezzeh military airport and similar potential measures in the future will manage to at least remove part of the pressures put on the Netanyahu’s family by the media outlets.
Influencing the truce and peace talks in Syria
On the other side, the Israeli missile attacks on Syria are aimed at impacting the underway cessation of fire across Syria and the peace dialogue that is planned to be held between the Damascus government and the armed opposition groups. This possibility is raised in a time that the Syrian government shows commitment to the current ceasefire and supports the scheduled peace negotiations in Astana, Kazakhstan. Amid this display of commitment by Syria, the Israelis are making rogue moves in a bid to foil the truce and thus block ways of peace. Their final aim is to distance the Syrian crisis from any settlement.
Missile attacks on the military installations outside Damascus will push the Israelis closer to their objective of influencing the Astana peace talks if Damascus decides to respond to the Israeli regime out of a miscalculation. In fact, this is what the Israelis favor. Any direct Syrian confrontation with Tel Aviv will mar the ceasefire and the planned dialogue with the opposition. But the immediate reaction of the Syrian foreign ministry and sending letters to the UNSC and raising legal case against the Israeli regime showed that Damascus reactions come with a consideration of the regional circumstances and forthcoming peace talks. Actually, Syria is by no means poised to sacrifice a possible solution of its six-year domestic crisis to an uncalculated response to the Israeli roguery. In these conditions, Damascus will steer clear of any reciprocal military reaction which appeals to Tel Aviv.
Impairing Syrian army and anti-terror Resistance camp
Perhaps the key goal behind the Israeli missile strikes on Syria is to weaken the Axis of Resistance and particularly Lebanon’s Hezbollah that are currently involved in battle with the terror organizations in Syria. The Israeli news website Walla back in May 2015 quoted the former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon as saying that Tel Aviv will not allow Hezbollah achieve modern weapons. Short after these comments, the Israeli fighter jets bombed the Syrian areas on the border with the Israeli regime. The airstrikes, according to Tel Aviv officials, came to impair Hezbollah forces operating in Syria.
Following the recent Israeli attack in Syria, Abdel Bari Atwan, the prominent Arab author and editor-in-chief of London-based Rai al-Youm news website, in his note quoted the Israeli press, saying that the Israeli attack hit a shipment of high-accuracy “Fateh-1” missiles. The missile has a range of 300 kilometers and a warhead with payload of about 400 kilograms. Atwan added that the Israeli media declined to make it clear if the missile shipment was bound for Hezbollah or was set to be stockpiled for the Syrian forces.
A consideration of the Israeli officials’ comments, like those of Ya’alon, and the previous attacks on Syria on the one hand and the Israeli media claims that took attention of Abdel Bari Atwan on the other hand helps us make sure that recent Israeli assaults on the Syrian military airport come to undermine the power of Hezbollah in Syria. This aim comes as part of open striving for the final aim of saving the anti-Damascus terrorists from defeats. In fact, according to the Israeli claims, the missile offensives in Syria come to weaken a pro-Damascus group that is currently present on the front lines of battle against terrorist groups in Syria. So this measure was an effort to prevent any losses and retreats of the terrorist groups in Syria.

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Tens of High-Ranking Turkish Army Officers Resign after Defeats in Northern Syria

Tens of High-Ranking Turkish Army Officers Resign after Defeats in Northern Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Turkish journalist disclosed that at least fifty high-ranking officers of the Turkish Army have resigned due to their recent defeats in the course of the Euphrates Shield Operation in Northern Aleppo.
Ahmad Takan, a columnist in Turkish language Yeni Chaq paper, wrote in an article that the army’s heavy defeats in the Euphrates Shield Operation in Northern Syria caused 50 senior officers to resign.
He added that the 50 officers have handed over their resignations to army commanders in al-Bab region.
Takan also quoted informed sources in the Turkish army as saying the Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) sells the arms and ammunition it receives from the Turkish Army to the ISIL.
He further added that on January 8, a group of Turkmen militants affiliated to the Turkish army arrested a group of FSA near the village of Akhtari South of al-Bab region as they were dispatching two trucks of arms and munitions to the ISIL-held regions.
Takan went on to say that the Euphrates Shield Operation has been defeated and its casualties have been hidden by the operation commanders from the public opinion.
Hospitals in Dilouk, Kilis and their countrysides are full of injured soldiers of the Turkish army, Takan added.
He said that Ankara has also been forced to hand over ISIL’s dead members to the terrorist group to take back its dead soldiers’ bodies.
Turkey has also increased duration of mandatory military service to make up for the loss of forces in a fresh wave of resignations.
Media sources disclosed on Sunday that tens of Turkish soldiers were suspended after selling their weapons and military equipment with the help of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the sidelines of the Euphrates Shield Operation in Northern Aleppo.
Al-Watan newspaper said that social media activists released reports along with images showing that “50 Turkish military men have been suspended and ordered to drop their operations in the Euphrates Shield Operation”.
Meantime, dissident activists from Northern Aleppo reported that “after the Euphrates Shield Operation, we witnessed new equipment and guns in Northern Syria, and after investigation it became clear that the warfare equipment belonged to the Euphrates Shield Operation forces”.
Opposition sources had also disclosed in September that militants affiliated to the Turkey-backed FSA have received a batch of advanced military vehicles in Northern Aleppo.
“The FSA-affiliated terrorist group of al-Hamza that is under the command of the Euphrates Shield Operation Room has received a number of military vehicles from the US army officers deployed in Northern Aleppo,” the sources said.
Opposition sources have also released several photos showing the US army vehicles with al-Hamaza terrorist group’s emblem.
Al-Hamzah had previously claimed that it is independent and is not working with any foreign country.

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Turkey remove Assyrian sculpture from front of local city hall

Turkish authorities have removed an Assyrian sculpture of a mythological winged bull known as Lamassu, from the front of a local council building in Diyarbakir, home to many of Turkey’s Assyrian minority.
No official explanation has been provided by the Turkish government by the symbolic Assyrian sculpture was removed.
The sculpture was erected by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which has many Assyrian members and a strong presence in Diyarbakir, but was removed after Turkey placed unelected government loyalists in charge of the municipality, under the emergency decree issued after the failed military coup in July 2015, which gave sweeping powers to the government, AINA reported.
Erol Dora, an Assyrian member of the Turkish Parliament from HDP, raised the issue of the sculpture in parliament. He asked the interior minister why the sculpture was removed and what has become of it, but no response to his inquiry has been made, the AINA report continued.

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Israel Rearrests Freed Palestinian Hunger Striker

Israel Rearrests Freed Palestinian Hunger Striker
Tue Jan 17, 2017 6:33

TEHRAN (FNA)– Israeli forces rearrested a Palestinian journalist who was freed from prison last year after an extended hunger strike, his family said Tuesday.
Mohammed al-Qiq was detained Sunday night at a checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah on his way back from a demonstration against Israel’s refusal to return the bodies of slain Palestinian assailants, said his wife Fayha Shalash, News 24 reported.
According to Shalash, Qiq’s lawyer told her he was being held in Ofer prison, West of Ramallah, and “has been on hunger strike since the moment they arrested him.”
In May, 34-year-old Qiq was released from a six-month prison term without trial following a 94-day hunger strike.
He occasionally took minerals and vitamins but mainly ingested only tap water.
Qiq had been held under the administrative detention system, which allows Israel to hold prisoners without trial for renewable six-month periods.
Qiq’s case was widely covered, and the United Nations expressed concern about his condition during his previous time in prison.
The Palestinian Prisoners Club also said Israeli forces had arrested 20 people, 15 of them former prisoners.

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SAA on the verge of restoring water supply to Damascus, attempts to lift the siege on Deir Ezzor Airport

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:55 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued their offensive in the Wadi Barada area of rural Damascus on Tuesday, attacking the remaining points under jihadist control in the Al-Fijah Springs.
Led by the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian Arab Army advanced from the gates of ‘Ayn Al-Fijah to the Tahtani Roundabout, which is located near the main water treatment facility that feeds into Damascus.
If the Syrian Arab Army captures the Tahtani Roundabout, they will be in position to expel the remaining jihadist rebels from ‘Ayn Al-Fijah and likely force them to surrender their remaining points in Wadi Barada.
As of now, the Syrian Arab Army’s 42nd Brigade is engaged in a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels of Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) near the Tahtani Roundabout – no gains have been reported thus far.

Syrian Army attempts to lift the siege on Deir Ezzor Airport

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:15 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has launched a powerful attack this evening to recapture the Deir Ezzor Cemetery, Jirayah village, and Harabish District from the Islamic State terrorists.
Backed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes, the Qassem Group of the Republican Guard forces stormed the Deir Ezzor Cemetery’s eastern perimeter, where they were met with strong resistance from the Islamic State terrorists entrenched around this site.
If the Syrian Arab Army is successful in recapturing the Deir Ezzor Cemetery from the Islamic State terrorists, then the air force will once again be able to land helicopters at the military airport.
The video footage above is from the Panorama area of western Deir Ezzor; this is one of the most critical sites the Syrian Arab Army has to secure in order to push back the Islamic State terrorists.
According to a military source in Damascus, the runways at the Al-Qamishli Airport are flooded with fighter jets preparing to assist the Syrian Arab Army in Deir Ezzor.
These fighter jets flying from Al-Qamishli to Deir Ezzor have carried out nonstop airstrikes against the Islamic State, destroying a number of their armored vehicles and killing several of their terrorist combatants.
The battle will likely intensify tonight, as the Syrian Arab Army attempts to reopen their strategic roadway from the provincial capital to the military airport.
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Sweeping House Demolitions: ‘A Declaration of War Against the Arab Community’

January 17, 2017 4:06 AM
Palestinians protest the demolition of eleven homes in Qalansuwa by taking to the streets and launching a general strike.

Alternative Information Center (AIC), Beit Sahour
Leaders of the Palestinian community in present-day Israel announced a general strike as hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in protest of the demolition of 11 houses in the town of Qalansuwa.
The strike was observed in Nazareth, Umm al-Fahm, Haifa as well as Qalansuwa.
The Joint List, a coalition of primarily Palestinian parties that is the third largest bloc in the Israeli Knesset, condemned the demolitions.“The act of demolishing 11 houses, whose owners built on their private lands in Qalansuwa, is an unprecedented crime and a declaration of war against the residents of Qalansuwa and against the Arab community in Israel,” the party said in a statement. “The Arab public will not stand idle by this policy and will defend the right to fair and safe housing.”
Joint List MK Dr. Yousef Jabareen added:
“The source of this issue lies in the institutional, planning, and legal barriers forcing the Arab citizens to build without a permit as a last resort to ensure a basic right of shelter. It is inhuman and immoral to push the Arab citizens into choosing between two terrible decisions: either remain homeless or build without a formal permit.”
Joint List MK Jamal Zahalka said, in reference to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “We suggested negotiation to solve the problem of unlicensed houses, but the government sent bulldozers to demolish them, leaving us no choice but to defend our homes.”
Another demonstration is planned for Friday in Qalansuwa. Protestors will gather at the Rabat Mosque and march in the direction of the demolished homes.
The High Follow-Up Committee for Arabs in Israel is planning further actions to upset Israel’s discriminatory city planning regime in coordination with the mayor of Qalansuwa and Joint List MKs.

Palestine news

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Foreign Nation Did Interfere in a US Election: in 1980

A Foreign Nation Did Interfere in a US Election: in 1980
WAYNE MADSEN | 17.01.2017 | WORLD

A Foreign Nation Did Interfere in a US Election: in 1980

It was October and the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate was faltering in the polls after the Democratic National Convention. The Republican Party’s presidential candidate began negotiating with a foreign government to cook up a scheme to embarrass the Democratic candidate. The scheme was successful and the Democratic candidate went on to lose the election to a Republican candidate who was feared by many for his unorthodox stance on several domestic and foreign issues.
If one thinks the above description is about the recent 2016 election, he or she would be wrong. In 1980, Democratic President Jimmy Carter, running for re-election under the cloud of the U.S. embassy in Tehran having been seized by radical Iranian students and 52 members of its staff being held hostage, was trying desperately to pull off an «October Surprise» to salvage his presidency. Unbeknownst to Carter, the campaign of his Republican rival, Ronald Reagan, had secretly negotiated an «arms-for-no-hostages» deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime in Iran.
In return for the shipment of embargoed military items, including spare parts for Iran’s U.S.-supplied F-14 Tomcat fighter planes and Phoenix air-to-air missiles for the planes, before the November 4 election, the Reagan team was promised by the Iranians that Tehran would hold the hostages until after the November election. Upon Reagan’s defeat of Carter, Iran held true to its promise and did not release the American hostages until noon Eastern Standard Time on January 20, 1981, the very moment Reagan raised his hand to take the presidential oath of office.
Although the media today is rife with reports of so-called «treasonous» contacts between Donald Trump advisers and officials of the Russian government, the media was not to be found anywhere in October 1980 when the Central Intelligence Agency, working with the Reagan campaign, contracted with a U.S. merchant vessel, the «SS Poet», to deliver the U.S. military contraband to Iran. In 1980, vice presidential candidate George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager William Casey secretly met with Iranian government officials, reportedly in Paris, and worked out the covert «arms-for-no-hostages» plan. The Reagan team was worried that Carter would beat them to the punch because of the White House’s own secret negotiations with Iranian representatives to have the hostages freed in October, giving Carter a much-need campaign boost.
The Reagan conspirators included, in addition to Bush and Casey, Robert Gates and Donald Gregg, the CIA’s moles inside the Carter National Security Council. Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, not happy with Carter’s human rights stance, may have given a «wink and a nod» to the treason. The entire caper was conducted without the knowledge of Stansfield Turner, Carter’s friend and U.S. Naval Academy classmate who served as CIA director.
The «SS Poet», a World War II-era U.S. merchant vessel, was at the center of the Reagan team’s treasonous plot. Little has been written about the fate of the vessel because the CIA arranged to have it sunk while outbound from the Persian Gulf after it delivered its weapons cache to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. The ship was officially listed as «lost at sea» somewhere in the mid-Atlantic after departing from Philadelphia’s Girard Point marine pier #3 on October 24, 1980. The ship was ostensibly bound with a cargo of 13,500 tons of corn for Port Said, Egypt, but, in reality, had military equipment loaded in its rear number four cargo, contraband bound for Iran.
The crew of 34 U.S. citizens was declared «missing at sea» by a U.S. Coast Guard board of inquiry, which was under heavy pressure from the CIA to cover up the ship’s fate in the Gulf. The Reagan team sweetened the deal with a cash payment to Iran. Gates was said to have overseen the transfer of money to an Iranian bank account at Banque Worms in Geneva.
The Coast Guard report on the «Poet’s» disappearance was tainted by an individual who claimed to have been a former third assistant engineer on the vessel. A year after the «Poet» disappeared, the witness told the Coast Guard, after the Board of Inquiry had already issued its conclusion about the fate of the ship, that the vessel was not seaworthy. However, this individual later was discovered to have been an impostor, likely hired by Casey’s CIA, who never served on board the «Poet».
The CIA’s cover story, dutifully echoed by the Coast Guard, was the Poet sank without a trace in three minutes and without a distress call. One of the Poet’s previous trips, in the months prior to sailing to Iran, was to Israel. The vessel had been chartered by Hawaiian Eugenia Corporation, the Poet’s owner and a firm with murky CIA links, to sail to Israel. There is a strong possibility that the Israelis rigged the ship with explosives that would be detonated after its delivery of weapons to Iran on behalf of the CIA and Reagan-Bush campaign plotters.
There was a feeble attempt by certain remaining pro-Carter elements within the CIA and Justice Department to investigate the involvement of a foreign power – Iran – in the 1980 election. A March 16, 1981, memo written by then-unconfirmed Associate Attorney General Rudolph Giuliani to the Acting Criminal Division chief, John Keeney, which was titled «CIA Referral – Alleged Foreign Government Interference With 1980 Presidential Election», suggests that the CIA referred to the Justice Department certain evidence that there was criminal activity involving a foreign power in the 1980 presidential election.
Keeney and Giuliani agree to draft a letter from Deputy Attorney General Edward C. Schmults to the CIA to ask for a full report on the criminal referral. The CIA report, which was never written, would have been available to Justice personnel on a strict need-to-know basis. It can be assumed that after Casey took over at the CIA, he immediately quashed the investigation of the involvement of Iran in the 1980 election.
In any case, the investigation was stopped dead in its tracks. The Attorney General at the time of the Giuliani memo was Reagan confidante William French Smith. Smith’s special assistant at the time was David Hiller, who later became the publisher, president, and CEO of the Los Angeles Times. Hiller’s fellow special assistant for Smith was John G. Roberts, Jr., later nominated by George W. Bush to the Supreme Court as Associate Justice, followed by his nomination to be Chief Justice.
The «Poet’s» official charter to sail a cargo of corn to Port Said was oddly appended with a «war risk» clause, even though Egypt was not in a state of war. The only state of war that existed at the time was in the Gulf between Iran and Iraq. The charter also involved Universal Shipping Company, a CIA front company headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia, along with other firms controlled by CIA weapons smuggler Edwin Wilson. Later convicted and imprisoned for smuggling weapons to Libya, Wilson, a «retired» CIA operative, contended that his weapons smuggling operations were carried out with the approval of the CIA.
There is an interesting current news peg to the story of the 1980 election and the «Poet.» The Iranian side in the «arms-for-no-hostages» conspiracy was led by the then-speaker of the Iranian parliament, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He would later become a key cog in the Iran-contra scandal that almost brought down the Reagan administration. Rafsanjani died recently at the age of 82. Considered a leading Iranian moderate, Rafsanjani traveled widely throughout the United States prior to the Iranian revolution in 1979 and he may have served as a deep cover CIA asset. With his death disappears from the scene another witness to the treachery involving the disappearance of the «SS Poet».
When the CIA wants to advance a meme that a foreign nation interfered in a U.S. election, it can coax its puppets in the media to hype the story, as seen now with the frivolous allegations about Russia and the Trump campaign. However, when the Langley boys want to bury their own chicanery and skullduggery in election interference, as is currently the case with CIA and British MI-6 involvement in the 2016 election on behalf of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton and as was the situation in 1980 with Iran and the Reagan campaign, the media dutifully follows.

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Trump Versus the Deep State

By Eric Margolis
January 16, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – As President-elect Donald Trump fights off fierce assaults by the massed national security apparatus, Democrats, the neocon Praetorian Guard, and a host of other political foes, I am feeling a sharp sense of déjà vu.
Trump claimed that these attacks were like ‘living in Nazi Germany.’ Not so. The president-elect could have found a much better analogy: Moscow in August, 1991.
I was in Moscow, Central Asia and the Caucasus covering the Soviet Union’s last days and meeting with senior KGB leaders. What a dramatic and exciting time it was. In fact, on my first night in Moscow a Russian friend and I, fired from drinking potent Georgian moonshine, managed to wake up the then director of KGB, Viktor Chebrikov, at two am by playing very loud music under his apartment. He kept stamping on the floor. My Russian-Georgian friend said, ‘just ignore the old fool.’
Two years later, another old Soviet fool, KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov, tried to overthrow the reformist leader Mikhail Gorbachev. A so-called ‘gang of eight’ of senior Communist Party officials, intelligence bigwigs and military men secretly formed to overthrow party leader Gorbachev.
Reformist Gorbachev was trying to remake the Communist Party, end its brutal policies, stop the stalemated war in Afghanistan, and allow restive nationalities, like the Baltic peoples, to edge away from the USSR. Gorby also wanted to cut way back on military spending – then almost 40% of GDP – that was bankrupting the Soviet Union. He sought good, peaceful relations with the West.
These policies enraged Moscow’s security agencies, its hardline Communist elite (‘nomenklatura’) and vast military industrial complex. Gorby’s proposed budget cuts would have put many of them out of business. So they decided to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev to save their own skins. The coup utterly failed and its drunken, bungling leaders jailed.
We are observing something similar today in Washington, hence my sense of déjà vu. Trump has suggested he may reduce the bloated CIA and 16 other US intelligence agencies that spend over $70 billion annually, not including ‘black’ programs, on who knows what? Tapping communications and assassinating assorted Muslims from the air no doubt.
Trump has called for an ‘even-handed’ approach to the question of Palestine, enraging neocons who fear Israel’s headlock on Congress and the White House may be loosened. The neocon press, like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Washington Post, have been baying for Trump’s blood. Not since World War II has the media so dramatically dropped its mask of faux impartiality to reveal it true political agenda.
Adding to his list of foes, Trump is now under attack by religious fundamentalists in Congress for his sensible attitude to Russia. The vast military industrial complex is after Trump, fearing he may cut the $1 trillion annual military budget and efforts to dominate the globe. Members of Congress under orders from the pro-war neocons are trying to undermine Trump.
They are all using Russia as a tool to beat Trump. The hysteria and hypocrisy over alleged Russian hacking is unbelievable and infantile. Sen. John McCain actually called it a grave threat to American democracy, thus joining the Soviet old fools club. Of course Russia’s spooks probe US electronic communications. That’s their job, not playing chess. The US hacks into everyone’s commo, including leaders of allied states. It’s called electronic intelligence (ELINT).
But don’t blame the wicked Moscovites for revealing how Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Committee rigged the primaries in her favor against Sen. Bernie Sanders. That cat was well out of the bag already.
It’s not Russian TV (for whom I occasionally comment) that is undermining America’s democracy, it’s the nation’s neocon-dominated media pumping out untruths and disinformation. Ironically, Russian TV has become one of the few dissenting voices in North America’s media landscape. Sure it puts out government propaganda. So does CNN, MSNBC and Fox. At least RT offers a fresher version.
Watching our intelligence chiefs and Sen. McCain trying to blacken Trump’s name by means of a sleazy, unverified report about golden showers in a Moscow hotel, is particularly ignoble.
It’s also a laugh. Every one who went to Moscow during the Cold War knew about the bugged hotel rooms, and KGB temptresses (known as ‘swallows’ -after the birds) who would knock on your door at night and give you the old Lenin love mambo while hidden camera whirled away. I asked for 8×10 glossies to be sent to my friends. But sadly for me, the swallows never came though I did meet some lovely long-legged creatures at the Bolshoi Ballet. So-called honey traps were part of the fun of the cold war.
Humor aside, it’s dismaying to hear senior US intelligence officials who faked ‘evidence’ that led to the invasion of Iraq and used torture and assassination attacking Donald Trump. Of course their jobs are at risk. They should be. The CIA, in particular, has evolved from a pure intelligence gathering agency into a state-sanctioned Murder Inc that liquidates real and imagined enemies abroad. The KGB used to do the same thing – but more efficiently.
Our intelligence agencies are a vital component of national security – which has become our new state religion. But in true bureaucratic form (see Parkinson’s Laws) they have become bloated, redundant and self-perpetuating. They need a tough Trump diet and to be booted out of politics. This past week’s display of the deep state’s grab for power – a sort of re-run of one of my favorite films, ‘Seven Days in May’ – should remind all thinking Americans that the monster police state apparatus created by President George W. Bush is the greatest threat to our Republic.
Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times, Nation – Pakistan, Hurriyet, – Turkey, Sun Times Malaysia and other news sites in Asia.
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There Is No Anti Semitism in Britain

In the end of October (2016) we learned from the British Jewish media that Police were called to University College London (UCL)  amid claims of common assault and verbal intimidation by “pro-Palestinian protestors” at an event with an Israeli speaker.
We had to wait another three months for a single honest Jew (Jerry Lewis of Hampstead Synagogue)  to admit in front of the notorious ultra Zionist BOD, that the event at UCL was actually provoked by Jewish groups  that have nothing to do with the Jewish students community. At least one of those Jewish groups is funded by Israel according to Lewis. These groups invoke ‘hatred’ against Jews because this is how they justify their existence and sustain their funding.
Following the recent Al Jazeera expose,  the foreign office must expel the Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev. The police and the MI5 better look into Lewis’ claims.

For the full video:

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Afraid from Hizbullah, ’Israel’ Sets Up Hizbullah Unit!

It’s once again the anxiety from Hizbullah that irritated the apartheid entity’s military institution.

Afraid from Hizbullah,

According to Haaretz daily, the “Israeli” Occupation Forces is changing the structure of its training exercises in order to better simulate combat situations against Hizbullah and Hamas. In addition to constructing tunnels on some bases, the army is set to create specific training units that will perform the same maneuvers and tactics of the Islamic Resistance.
The “tunnels” have been built in all “Israeli” brigade training bases [using shipping containers] to replicate underground fighting – one of the lessons learned from the fighting in Gaza in 2014.
In recent years, it was also decided to conduct an increasing number of training exercises in the Galilee, and the Occupied Golan Heights.
“If we continue to train on the open hills of Tze’elim, we’re in trouble,” said an officer in the ground forces, referring to the army’s training base in al-Naqab. “We have to adapt the exercises to the enemy, and there’s a tremendous effort to make the training areas more suitable.”
The next stage of the plan will be the creation of so-called “red forces” to simulate predominantly Hizbullah fighters, but also Hamas. These forces will have to “fight” against the soldiers and challenge them during training exercises.
In the past, the “Israeli” army considered establishing designated companies to act as a “red force.” The army even considered drafting ultra-Orthodox soldiers in to don enemy uniforms, but this plan was eventually shelved.
Now the army wants to establish a “red force” company in every division, which will consist of reservists. The officer said these reservists will serve as an enemy force during exercises, and undergo training “in order to learn what Hizbullah is, and how to fight like Hizbullah.”

Afraid from Hizbullah, ’Israel’ Sets Up Hizbullah Unit!

The army is in the process of purchasing equipment for this force, which will simulate everything about Hizbullah: from uniforms and flags to sniper rifles, Kalashnikovs, RPG rockets, explosive devices, and Kornet and Sagger anti-tank missiles.
The simulations are designed to improve the soldiers’ ability to understand how Hizbullah looks, and to increase their ability to deal with the war zone and the enemy. An internal army document sees this as necessary for both officers and combat troops.
Everything being used will be an exact copy of Hizbullah and Hamas equipment – in size, color and appearance. The army wants to purchase 600 simulated Kalashnikovs, 300 keffiyehs and djellabas, about 350 face masks, 60 Kornet launchers and a similar number of Sagger launchers, Qassam rockets, and about 100 Dragunov sniper rifles.
The “Israeli” Air Force has had an equivalent “red squadron” simulating enemy forces for about a decade.
Source: Haaretz, Edited by website team
16-01-2017 | 12:48

الجيش الإسرائيليّ يُقيم “القوّة الحمراء” لمُواجهة حزب الله وحماس ويشتري زيّ الحركتين وأسلحتهما ويُخضع الجنود لتدريباتٍ شاقّةٍ لفهم عقيدة قتالهما وتضاريس المعركة

الناصرة-“رأي اليوم”- من زهير أندراوس:

  لغز حزب الله وحماس، هذه التسميّة التي اخترها الجيش الإسرائيليّ لفهم قواعد القتال مع التنظيمين، اللبنانيّ والفلسطينيّ، علمًا أنّ التقدير الاستخباراتيّ الذي نشرته تل أبيب مع بداية العام الحالي أكّد على أنّ حزب الله هو العدو رقم واحد، تليه إيران، وفي المكان الثالث حماس.

 علاوة على ذلك، شدّدّ التقدير على أنّه من غير المُستبعد تمامًا أنْ تندلع المواجهة القادمة على الجبهتين الشماليّة والجنوبيّة في آنٍ واحدٍ، الأمر الذي يُحتّم على الجيش الإسرائيليّ الاستعداد لمواجهة هذا السيناريو الخطير، بحسب المصادر الأمنيّة في تل أبيب.

 وفي هذا السياق، كشفت صحيفة (هآرتس) العبريّة، نقلاً عن مصادر إسرائيليّةٍ رفيعةٍ جدًا، كشفت النقاب عن أنّ الجيش الإسرائيليّ يستعد لشراء أسلحة وملابس عسكرية يرتديها مسلحو حزب الله وحماس من أجل إعداد “القوة الحمراء” التي ستكون مهمتها مواجهة حزب الله وحماس في أي مواجهة مقبلة.

 وتابعت المصادر عينها قائلةً للصحيفة العبريّة إنّ الجيش سيقوم بشراء أسلحة كلاشنكوف وأسلحة قنص وصواريخ كورنيت وماليتوكا وقذائف مضادة للدروع مثل RPG وعبوات ناسفة وقذائف القسام وأسلحة وصواريخ مختلفة يمتلكها كوادر حزب الله وحماس.

 بالإضافة إلى ذلك، لفتت المصادر الأمنيّة في تل أبيب إلى أنّه سيتم شراء كوفيات وأعلام وزي عسكري وأقنعة وجميعها مع الأسلحة ستوضع في قواعد عسكرية لتدريب “القوة الحمراء”، التي ستكون جزء من كل كتيبة عسكرية من القوات البرية للجيش الإسرائيليّ، وسيكون عناصرها من جنود الاحتياط الذين سيخضعون لتدريبات مكثفة تحاكي قدرات وأساليب القتال لدى حزب الله وحماس.

 علاوةً على ذلك، شدّدّت المصادر ذاتها على أنّ المواقع العسكريّة للجيش الإسرائيليّ باتت تحتوي على أنفاق ووحدات سكانية مماثلة لتلك الموجودة في جنوب لبنان وقطاع غزة، وأيضا قرى وكيبوتسات (قرى تعاونيّة) إسرائيلية مجاورة للحدود الجنوبية والشمالية يمكن لعناصر مسلحة من الحزب وحماس اختراقها في أيّ مواجهةٍ مقبلةٍ.

وقال ضابط إسرائيليّ من القوات البريّة للصحيفة العبريّة إنّهم يقومون بتدريب الجنود على ما يجب معرفته من كيفية محاربة حزب الله وحماس، وإعداد الجنود بتدريبات شاقة وتعزيز قدرة الجندي على فهم كيفية عمل العدو ورفع مستوى القدرة على التعامل مع التضاريس وغيرها من الأساليب، على حدّ تعبيره.

 وأشارت الصحيفة إلى أنّ سلاح الجو الإسرائيليّ يمتلك سربًا من الطائرات يدعى “التنين الطائر” والذي يرتدي طياروه زيًّا يحمل أعلام دولٍ عربيّةٍ وقد أجرى تدريبات مع قوات أجنبية كانت تصل إسرائيل.

كما أوضحت الصحيفة أنّ الجيش الإسرائيليّ يُجري تدريبات تحاكي مواجهة جديدة محتملة مع حزب الله اللبناني، وفق ما قال أحد ضباطه.

ونقلت الصحيفة العبريّة عن ضابط كبير في هيئة الأركان الإسرائيليّة قوله إنّ ألوية عسكرية خضعت لتدريبات على مواجهة أخرى مفترضة مع حزب الله على شاكلة المواجهة التي حدثت خلال الحرب الإسرائيلية على لبنان في 2006.

ووفقا للمصدر ذاته، فإنّ تلك الألوية باتت تتدرب الآن على حربٍ محتملةٍ مع حزب الله في حين أنها كانت طيلة الثلاثين عامًا الماضية تتدرب على حرب محتملة مع سوريّة.

وأضافت الصحيفة أنه لأول مرة تدرب الأسبوع الماضي لواء مدرعات ولواء مشاة على القتال في لبنان بعد سنوات طويلة تدربا فيها على القتال في سوريّة.

وقالت هآرتس إنّه تمّ تجنيد جنود في الاحتياط للمناورة التي جرت مؤخرًا بشكل مطابق تقريبا للطريقة التي يتوقع الجيش الإسرائيلي أن يجنّد عن طريقها جنود الاحتياط في حرب قادمة محتملة تشمل مواجهة مع حزب الله.

ووصف الضابط في هيئة الأركان الإسرائيلية حزب الله بالعدو النشط والجدي، لكنه قال إنّ لدى الجيش الإسرائيليّ كل الأدوات لإلحاق الأذى به. وتشير تقارير إسرائيلية إلى أنّ لدى حزب الله أكثر من 150 ألف صاروخ، وأن قسمًا كبيرًا منها قادر على إصابة كلّ مكانٍ في العمق الإسرائيليّ.

 ونقلت الصحيفة عن الجنرال أوهاد نجمة، وهو قائد لواء المدرعات الذي شارك في المناورة الأخيرة، أنّ لواءه يعلم خلال الثلاثين عاما أنّ مهمته هي سوريّة، وأنّ هذه هي المرة الأولى التي يكون فيها لبنان هو العدو.

وكشفت المصادر العسكريّة في تل أبيب النقاب عن أنّه في السنوات الأخيرة تجري التدريبات على مواجهة حزب الله وحماس في منطقة الجليل وأيضًا في الجولان العربيّ السوريّ المُحتّل، وفي مدنٍ مثل عسقلان في الجنوب، وقرى عربيّة مثل فسوطة، على الحدود مع لبنان، وكفر سميع، في الجليل الأعلى، ومُستوطنة حريش في الشمال. ونقلت (هآرتس) عن مسؤول عسكريّ وصفته بأنّه رفيع المُستوى، نقلت عنه قوله إنّه إذا واصل الجيش الإسرائيليّ التدّرب في قاعدة تسيئليم العسكريّة في الجنوب على حرب العصابات، فإنّه في مشكلةٍ عويصةٍ، بحسب تعبيره.

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