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Syria Unrest spreads to Aleppo

Syria Unrest spreads to Aleppo

( DP-News - AP)
Pro-regime Rally in Aleppo
Pro-regime Rally in Aleppo(Archive)
Syria Unrest spreads to Aleppo
Source DP-News - AP

SYRIA- Violence in the country has raged on as diplomats at the United Nations wrangle over an Arab and Western draft resolution condemning today’s Syrian authorities for a military crackdown on an 11-month-old revolt in which thousands of people have been killed.

Protests erupted on Friday in Syria’s main commercial hub of Aleppo, which has so far remained largely on the sidelines of the uprising.

Overnight bombardment on the town of Anadan, a few kilometers from Aleppo, killed one man and wounded five after insurgents and army defectors attacked roadblocks manned by loyalist troops. Rebels in Tel Rifaat, another town to the north, blocked the main highway to Turkey.

In Aleppo itself, gunfire was heard in two neighborhoods. Militiamen loyal to Assad, known as ‘shabbiha’, fired at random overnight at a third district where defiant calls of “God is greatest” echoed from roofs and windows.

Activists reported arrest campaigns and heavy gunfire in several areas and said at least four people had been killed, including two children in northern Idlib province and two civilians on the edges of Damascus, where the government beat back rebels who temporarily seized towns last week.

The state news agency SANA said three members of the security forces, including an army lieutenant, had been killed in a clash with an “armed terrorist group” in the southern province of Daraa.

The agency has reported military funerals of around 100 soldiers and police in the last week, adding to the 2,000 members of Assad’s security forces who authorities reported late last year had been killed.

Syrian forces shot dead one person in the city of Hama on Friday as they broke up a protest marking the anniversary of a 1982 massacre by troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad’s father, activists told Associated Press.
Protests were held across Syria on Friday after the prayers under the banner “Hama, forgive us.”

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said security forces dispersed the demonstrations in the Janoub Al-Malaab district of Hama, where residents planned to release 1,000 red balloons to mark the killing of more than 10,000 people when President Hafez Assad’s forces crushed an uprising in 1982.

Opposition activists say President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have stepped up operations around the country after appearing to crush rebels who brought the fight to the outskirts of the capital.

It was not possible to verify activist or state media reports as Syria restricts access for independent media.

At the UN Security Council, Arab and Western drafters of a resolution condemning Syria’s crackdown revised their text on Thursday in an effort to avoid a Russian veto, though their draft included language Moscow has rejected.

Morocco circulated a new draft after Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told the 15-nation council that he would veto the draft if it were put to a vote on Friday with a phrase saying the council “fully supports” an Arab League plan calling for Assad to step aside, Western diplomats said.

That phrase remained in the text. But several diplomats said Churkin’s threat had more to do with the timing than the substance of the resolution and thought it might still be possible to persuade Russian to abstain or back the resolution.

“He made the threat, but I don’t think he’ll necessarily have to follow through with it,” a diplomat said. It’s still possible to avoid a veto.”

Moscow has demanded language explicitly ruling out the use of external force in Syria, though the current draft makes clear the council wants the crisis resolved peacefully and the resolution could not be used as the basis for military intervention as in Libya’s uprising last year.

The draft does not threaten Syria with sanctions, also rejected by Russia, but includes a vague reference to possible “further measures” in the event of Syrian non-compliance.

Morocco’s UN envoy, Mohammed Loulichki, told reporters he would seek a vote on the amended draft resolution “as soon as possible.”

Colombian envoy Nestor Osorio said the council would continue discussions on the draft, sponsored by Morocco, France, Britain, the United States,0 Germany, Portugal, Colombia, Togo, Libya, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Turkey.

A vote may not be imminent and further revisions could follow. France said it foresaw by Monday at the latest.

Russia has balked at any language that would open to door to “regime change” in Syria, its most important Middle East ally.

Moscow has a naval base in Syria and is a major arms supplier to Damascus, and so bristles at outsiders trying to dictate internal political change in Damascus.

The surging violence in the last week prompted the Arab League to suspend its monitoring mission in Syria on Jan. 28, from which Gulf Arab observers had already withdrawn.

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Egypt: Rage of a Revolution

A protester returns a gas canister during clashes with security forces near the Interior Ministry in Cairo 3 February 2012. (Photo: REUTERS - Suhaib Salem)

Published Saturday, February 4, 2012
Ahmed Wardani, aged 25, lost his brother to police violence against protesters on January 28 last year. Mustafa was killed during the Friday of Rage riots in Suez, on a day that Egyptians consider crucial to the short history of the country’s revolution.

In spite of the loss of his elder brother, Wardani showed consistent warmth and a characteristically Egyptian sense of humor during interviews with Al-Akhbar in early December 2011.

But on 3 February 2012, Wardani sounded bitter like never before. “There’s so much violence. It’s really bad here today,” he said. “The police are using tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire to disperse some 8,000 protesters around the city’s security directorate. The violence just shows that the police has not changed at all, in spite of the revolution.”

New wave of violence: Police versus people

A new wave of violence struck Egypt starting February 1, when 74 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured during the country’s worst football disaster in history during a game in Port Said. Sympathizers with the victims unequivocally blamed the ruling military regime, either by design or omission, for the tragedy. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has held executive power since the resignation of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Witnesses said the Central Security Forces, long associated with quelling anti-Mubarak street action, failed to stop the violence, in part by allowing people armed with white weapons to enter the stadium. They also reportedly failed to intervene to stop violence against Al Ahly fans when they were violently attacked by thugs as soon as the game ended.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) heads the main parliamentary bloc, blamed remnants of Mubarak’s regime for the violence. On Thursday, parliament held an emergency session and blamed the Ministry of Interior, led by Mansour Essawi, for failing to stop the violence.
According to a statement published on the Muslim Brotherhood’s English website, FJP vice-chairman Essam Eryan “presented to parliament a request for prosecution of the Interior Minister on charges of negligence.” The statement also referred to the “survival” of the senior leadership” of the ministry, which is believed to be “complicit” with Mubarak’s regime.

Enraged by the deaths, thousands of people took to the streets in cities across Egypt on Thursday. But the protests were more than just an expression of anger with the security forces. They also expressed demands for the fall of the SCAF new momentum.

Police violence remained in the limelight when the security forces resorted to excessive violence to quell protests that continued through Friday in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria among other towns. The authorities have denied the use of live ammunition against protesters, though witnesses at the scene in Cairo and Suez claim otherwise.

The scenes were reminiscent of crackdowns on protesters in central Cairo during November and December last year. Because of their magnitude, they were also eerily reminiscent of crackdowns during the last days of Mubarak’s regime.

Through clashes on Thursday evening and Friday, at least four people were killed during street battles in Cairo and Suez. The significance of the deaths in Suez was not lost on protesters, who were quick to remember that the first victims of the January 25 revolution fell there.

According to the Ministry of Health, more than 1,600 people were injured in the latest round of violence since Wednesday. Protesters on Thursday and Friday were mostly unarmed, while some hurled rocks at the security forces.

One of those killed was an army lieutenant, apparently run over by mistake by a security vehicle. The majority of injured protesters suffered suffocation from tear gas used to force protesters away from the Ministry of Interior building in the heart of the city.

Significantly, among those in the front lines of Cairo protests were hardcore football fans, or Ultras. The Ultras not only played a key role in last year’s protests leading up to Mubarak’s ouster, but also in intermittent clashes through 2011 with the security forces and military. They have a history of clashes with the Central Security Forces, both pre and post-Mubarak.

Resignations and travel bans: Insufficient concessions

A string of resignations and travel bans followed the Port Said tragedy. Port Said governor Major-General Mohamed Abdullah resigned Wednesday and has now been banned from leaving the country. According to Al Jazeera, the head of Port Said’s security has also been issued a travel ban.

SCAF Chairman Hussein Tantawi was quoted by Reuters as saying: "We will get through this stage. Egypt will be stable. We have a roadmap to transfer power to elected civilians. If anyone is plotting instability in Egypt they will not succeed. Everyone will get what they deserve." He also said that the security of the Port Said game was the responsibility of the police force.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri told parliament on Thursday that all Egyptian Football Association board members would be suspended and an investigation would be opened on the Port Said game.

Appointed by SCAF in November and once prime minister under Mubarak, Ganzouri’s statements before parliament Thursday were deemed insufficient concessions by human rights lawyer Gamal Eid.
As the executive power, “the SCAF is directly responsible for security in Egypt. Promises of accountability are empty, and poor attempts at fooling the Egyptian people into thinking that only the SCAF can save them from insecurity and chaos,” said Eid, head of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information.

Eid mentioned the fact that no officer has yet been sentenced for killings during numerous crackdowns on protesters through 2011, though promises to that effect were made each time. “Every time calm returns to Egypt, a tragedy takes place to try and make people believe the SCAF’s claims that foreign agents or unidentified thugs being behind insecurity in the country,” the lawyer said.

“In fact, the strategy is backfiring. Every time there is bloodshed, people become more aware of who is ultimately responsible for the violence,” Eid added. “When you want to know who is behind a crisis, try and look for benefits most from it.”

And while the FJP’s calls to a large extent reflected the need to overhaul Egypt’s unreformed, and thus far unaccountable security apparatus, Eid believed its de facto compromise with the SCAF would make it hard for the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing to go through with its drive.

“The FJP is trying hard to keep both its voters and the SCAF happy,” he said. “At some point, it is going to have to choose between them, because violence is making the gulf between the people and the executive grow by the day.”

Insecurity to engineer the counter-revolution

Not all Egyptians, however, are against the SCAF. Continued instability started to create a split on the streets that had yet to show itself in full force. Overall insecurity, skyrocketing crime rates, and the unprecedented presence of unknown thugs - whom some believe are criminals let out of jail during Egypt’s 18-day revolution last year - have led to the creation of significant support for continued military rule.

What has yet to be seen was how the situation in the coming months, leading up to presidential elections scheduled for June, would evolve. For one, splits between FJP supporters and other popular political forces on how to take the country forward - concerning both method and pace - were fast emerging almost 12 months on from Mubarak’s ouster.

On January 27, clashes broke out between liberal, secular and independent protesters on one hand, and Muslim Brotherhood supporters on the other in downtown Cairo. On Wednesday, new skirmishes broke out when FJP supporters blocked protesters from entering the street leading to the parliament building. This time around, however, the skirmishes were contained.

Meanwhile provocation by the authorities to keep tensions high have been continuous through the latest round of clashes. “State television has spent the past few hours telling its viewers to take to the streets to defend the country against ‘thugs,’ referring to protesters,” Suez activist Wardani said.
“But in my view, the more the SCAF and security forces resort to violence, the less likely it is that a split on the street will emerge,” he said. Though he sounded troubled, “I have hope,” Wardani added. “People can see with their own eyes, just like they did during the revolution, who is behind the violence.”

But ill omens still weighed heavy on Egyptians. For one, as Friday evening came to a close, reports broke out of attempts to set ablaze a building adjacent to the Ministry of Interior in downtown Cairo, just a few meters away from ongoing clashes. Minutes later, anti-SCAF Facebook group Scafgate claimed protesters had “detained” those trying to start the fire.

Staged or not, such incidents only prove that security was diminishing in a country whose people once kept it beautifully safe.
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Syrian Sources Deny Bombardment Claims, Obama Condemns Al-Assad

Local Editor
Syrian News Agency SANA denied Saturday media reports that the army bombarded spontaneous targets in Homs killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

The news agency clarified that these claims were part of the “ongoing distortion, falsification and instigation media campaigns by some satellites” in order to “cover the crimes and aggressions of the armed terrorist groups in Syria”.

Quoting an unnamed Syrian Information source, SANA further stated that “TV Satellites of instigation, partners with the armed terrorist groups and the so-called Istanbul council, have been launching a hysterical campaign of provocation and incitement for the shedding of more Syrian blood, as to influence the stances of some countries at the UN Security Council.''

Media had published Saturday reports and images of corpses, indicating that the Syrian army has committed a “massacre” among “protestors” in the city of Homs.
Noting that these images where actually for “innocent citizens kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered by the armed terrorist groups,” SANA pointed out that “the corpses, in fetters, bear signs of torture and organized killing with no signs of artillery or mortar shells.”

Some Syrian citizens also contacted state channels such as the Syrian TV reassuring that “the corpses images aired by Satellites were in fact for their relatives who were kidnapped earlier by armed terrorist groups.”

Speaking to the Syrian television, one citizen said that “over 300 gunmen with their weapons were operating last night in the area, as RPG missiles poured on the quarter causing 5 houses to burn completely.”

In the same context, US President Barack Obama came out Saturday to accuse Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's government of murdering civilians in what he referred to as an “unspeakable assault" in the city of Homs.

"Assad must halt his campaign of killing and crimes against his own people now. He must step aside and allow a democratic transition to proceed immediately," Obama said in a condemnation statement published by AFP.

Continuing the worldwide campaign against Al-Assad, the US president claimed that "yesterday the Syrian government murdered hundreds of Syrian citizens, including women and children, in Homs through shelling and other indiscriminate violence, and Syrian forces continue to prevent hundreds of injured civilians from seeking medical help.”

"I strongly condemn the Syrian government's unspeakable assault against the people of Homs and I offer my deepest sympathy to those who have lost loved ones," the statement added, indicating that “the UN Security Council has now an opportunity to stand against the Al-Assad regime's relentless brutality.”
Sabotage Groups Attack Syria's Embassies in Cairo, Kuwait, Amman and Athens
CAPITALS, (SANA) – A group of saboteurs affiliated to the so-called Istanbul Council on Saturday dawn attacked the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, destroyed, burnt and stole the embassy's contents...Read more

Twenty-two Army and Law-Enforcement Martyrs Laid to Rest

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Palestinian Minors – “Terrorists or Children”

by Laura Stuart

On the 22nd of January the Guardian newspaper published an article about the mistreatment of Palestinian children who are arrested and detained in Israel, entitled “The Palestinian children – alone and bewildered – in Israel’s Al Jalame jail”. The “Hasbara” reply was published today where the writer Amir Ofek leaves the reader in no doubt that Palestinian children are terrorists, murderers and virtually spring from their mother’s wombs wearing suicide belts.

No mention of the night raids by I.O.F. soldiers who enter family homes at 2 a.m. using the maximum aggression to arrest young children as their parents can only look helplesly on. Those young children were probably named by other children who whilst under arrest were coerced and psychologically pressured into giving some names of other children involved in stone throwing resistance.

Here is an excellent website which publishes the daily statistics of all acts of aggression in Occupied Palestine called the “New Zealand Palestinian Human Rights Campaign”, they publish statistics of incidents by both sides including the number of night raids and arrests of children.

So I thought for the sake of balance that I should post videos in reply to the Guardian piece showing how Jewish Israeli children manage the business of occupation and that anything that Palestinian children (the occupied) can do is done so much better by Jewish Israeli children who have an army to make sure that they can operate with impunity. The first video shows Israeli children throwing stones at International activists who are committted to non violence, volunteers with I.S.M. and the second shows how Israeli children are prepared from a young age to be part of a military occupation.

It's good to share...
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The Case Of Uri Avnery I: “Shukran, Israel” Analyzed And Refuted

One month ago I posted, renamed Uri Avnery's article  “Shukran, Israel” to read: How Magic turned against Magicians.

I never considered Uri a peace activist or a friend of Palestine. I am mad at the so-called Palestinian activists who deal with URI as a pace activist, and Pro-Palestine sites spreading his calorie poison without exposing him as an occupier, land thief. a colonist a settler as I called him in my comment on his letter to Gaza settlers: A letter from a 1948 settler to 1967 settlers in Gaza.
President Eisenhower in the Oval Office with Muslim delegates,
1953, after July revolution.
Said Ramadan, the Son in-law of Hassan Al-Bana the founder of
Brotherhood, is second from the right.
في أقصي اليمين سعيد رمضان في ضيافة أيزنهاور داخل البيت الأبيض
In posing as a "peace activist" Uri wants to save the land stolen in 1948, and in calling for the two state illusion, he wants to buy time for his Zionist entity to accomplish its ongoing ethnic cleansing and land theft mission.

I am pleased to post below the great analysis of  Jonathan Azaziah, however, I only want to point out that the relation of brotherhood started in early fifties and never stopped

The Case Of Uri Avnery I: “Shukran, Israel” Analyzed And Refuted

by Jonathan Azaziah

My PhotoPrelude: This is the first of a two-part series examining several critical positions of ‘Israeli’ “peace” activist Uri Avnery and how these positions relate to the overall rapidly-deteriorating status of the International Palestine Solidarity Movement. In this volume, Avnery himself is unabashedly slammed as an enemy of the Palestinian people and his piece “Shukran, Israel”, which is an attack on indigenous Islamic Resistance throughout the Middle East, is mercilessly skewered for the pack of Zionist lies that it is…
On January 2nd, 2012, Uri Avnery (real name: Helmut Ostermann), highly-touted ‘Israeli’ “peace” activist, released an article entitled “Shukran, Israel (1),” a fusion of colonial arrogance, Jewish supremacism and malicious Zionist propaganda that shocked me, infuriated me and made me chuckle after the rage simmered to a serenity at the thought of this diatribe even being composed to begin with. “Shukran, Israel” is the central focus of this paper but a few other key ‘gems’ from the wily old man will be mentioned for the sake of perspective. We will unforgivingly and devastatingly proceed with the review and deconstruction in just a moment.
Before the commencement however, something needs to be said that should have been said a long, long time ago. The reason why it hasn’t been said is a relatively simple, albeit terribly sad one: ‘activists’ within this ever-declining ‘movement’ do not have the courage to speak up because of fear; fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist Power Configuration whose tentacles have deeply penetrated the solidarity network, as evidenced by the recent inexplicable expulsion of leading activist and thinker Dr. Francis Clark-Lowes from an important branch of the UK Palestinian Solidarity Movement (2). These ‘activists’ are intellectual, spiritual and political cripples posing as revolutionaries. Their cowardice has allowed the aforesaid supremacism to prosper under the guise of solidarity; another ‘mask of Zion.’ So here, let it be said; nay, let it be screamed so the skies tremble, and those activists with dignity never allow themselves to be silenced again.
Uri Avnery… you are not a peace activist. You do not represent solidarity. You are not a friend of Palestine. You are not a comrade of the oppressed anywhere and you never will be. You are an occupier, Uri Avnery. You are a land thief. You are a usurper. You are a colonist. You are a settler. You are an ethnic cleanser. You are an uprooter. You are a cold-blooded murderer. You are a planter of bombs. You are a butcher of men. You are a killer of women. You are a slaughterer of children (3). You are a terrorist. You have no right giving speeches. You have no right writing articles or books. You have no right to freedom. You deprived Palestinians of their very lives; you stole their lives, Uri Avnery. You stole their freedom and you stole their homeland. You, and every single other Zionist fanatic who served in the sadistic, bloodthirsty Irgun terror gang deserve perpetual imprisonment for the horrific crimes against humanity that you committed. You helped bring the Zionist entity into being and to this exact moment, you ‘fight’ to defend its criminal existence. That makes you a criminal. You are a Zionist, and Zionists have no place in holy Palestine. They never will and you never will. Ever.

It was tremendously vital for this to be stated in such unequivocal terms because Uri Avnery has been given a place in the discourse for Palestine’s liberation for far too long. Due to this, his supremacism has seeped through the cracks and infected the psyches of many; his analyses, some staunchly Zionist, some categorically and venomously false and others a mixture of both, are praised and looked upon as sources of sagacity. From this day forward, let this cease to be the case. Let the struggle of Palestine be spoken of by the dispossessed and those who wish to see them return to their homes, not those who carried out the dispossessing, like Uri Avnery.

“Shukran, Israel”: An Amalgamation of Supremacism, Orientalism and Zionist Lies

Uri Avnery would like the Resistance movements of the region to say "thank you" to 'Israel' for violating the humanity of their people. Preposterous.
From the onset of Uri Avnery’s atrocious smear of indigenous Islamic Resistance across the Muslim world, two specific narratives immediately emerge and intertwine with one another throughout. The first is the yarn of the Jewish supremacist and the second is the line of the colonialist. One may argue that the narrative could be reduced to one, that of the Zionist, which wouldn’t be an observation of inaccuracy but it would not be an observation of totality; hence the need for dichotomy. The latter, that of the colonialist, will be dealt with first. Essentially, the premise of “Shukran, Israel” is that Islamic Resistance groups should be thankful to the Zionist entity for their current positions of popularity and power. Without the Zionist regime, Avnery opines, these parties wouldn’t be where they are today. This, at its very core, is colonialist in nature: the indigenous should thank their colonizer for colonizing them, giving them purpose, providing them structure and freeing them from their previously pointless lives.
Avnery would quite literally like these parties to bow down before the illegitimate Zionist regime in gratitude. But gratitude for what exactly? What is this colonialist delusion actually suggesting? There is nothing benevolent about the Zionist entity; nothing pure, nothing decent and nothing even relatively redeemable on any kind of humanitarian level. The Zionist entity is a terror state; a usurping beast that has no ‘right to exist’ and was founded with an inspiration derived from the deepest, darkest caverns of criminality. It is an entity of baby murder, women slaughter and monstrous ethnic cleansing.

Obviously, Avnery would like these Resistance groups to say “Shukran, Israel” for massacring, demolishing, uprooting, dispossessing, looting, bombing, raping, pillaging and plundering Palestine and its people. The reason why these groups exist to begin with is because ‘Israel’ was erected illegally and barbarically on Palestinian land; if the Zionist entity didn’t exist, Resistance to it wouldn’t exist either, because the peoples of the land, Muslim, Christian and Jew alike, would be living in peace, harmony and brotherhood, as they did prior to Zionist terror gangs carrying out Plan D and ethnically cleansing close to 800,000 Palestinians from their homeland. With this firmly in mind, it becomes exceptionally evident that Avnery’s suggestion is not only delusional and colonialist, but utterly insane.

'The good Rebbe' Menachem Mendel Schneerson and Uri Avnery are brothers in Jewish supremacism.
The Jewish supremacist angle to Avnery’s drivel isn’t even subtle. The very title of the piece betrays its blatancy. While he constantly attempts to portray himself as a secularist, his tribal adherence to chosen-ness, and therefore, his Jewish supremacism, is as clear as day. The genocidal Chabad Lubavitch supremacist Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, spiritual guide to the Zionist policymakers who masterminded the dismemberment and butchering of Iraq (4), once declared, “Every Jew, men and even women and children, brings about the existence of the entire creation, they become masters over the world, and thus every single creation owes them recognition for this good (5).” Avnery’s piece represents a microcosm of Schneerson’s madness. ‘Israel’ is the Jewish ‘state’, comprised of Jews from the world over. In the mind of the Jewish supremacist, all creation flows from this living, ‘nation-state’ embodiment of Jewishness. There is no doubt that Avnery harbors this Judeocentric view or something closely resembling it, considering that he vehemently believes in the existence of the Zionist entity.

In his piece, Avnery pays homage to the Talmud, the most important book in supremacist Chabad Lubavitch’s ideology and in general, the holiest book of Judaism, as confirmed by the rabbinate’s highest-ranking ‘sages (6). He abhorrently writes, “Generations of Jews have been brought up on the Talmud, which is mainly a compilation of legal precedents, and their minds have been honed by legalistic arguments. Not for nothing are Jewish lawyers in demand the world over.” The Talmud is no such thing; it is a book written by megalomaniacal rabbis to train their Jewish supremacist devotees in the ways of subversion, murder, theft, circumvention, genocide, exceedingly vile anti-Gentile racism, pedophilia, disturbing rituals and denigration of prophets, including Jesus Christ the Messiah (‘Isa al-Masih in Arabic), who is designated by the Talmud as a black magic practitioner, sexual deviant and son of a whore who is rotting in his own excrement in the fires of hell (6). Of all irrelevant things to invoke in this piece, Avnery decided to invoke the Talmud; a transparent indication of his tribal need to acknowledge Jewish supremacy even when it isn’t pertinent to the matter at hand because, to the Zionist Jew, his supremacy always is the matter at hand, regardless of what the matter is.

Hamas According To Avnery: Creation Of Shin Bet

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance of illegally besieged Gaza and all of occupied Palestine, is NOT a creation of the Zionist entity.
It is odd that a person who vociferously prides himself on being an activist for ‘peace’ would repeat the most disgraceful hasbara in an attempt to get his point across. In light of everything written so far however, it isn’t so odd, is it? Avnery’s ‘peace’ activist persona is nothing but a ‘Mask of Zion’ and the point of his piece is the injection of more disinformation into the discourse on Palestine to malign real threats to Zionist hegemony. The first target of Avnery’s horrid hasbara is Hamas, the Islamic Resistance of illegally besieged Gaza. Prior to smearing Hamas though, he writes, “The General Security Service (known as Shin Bet or Shabak) had an active interest in the flourishing of the mosques. People who pray five times a day, they thought, have no time to build bombs.” What pathetic and egregious remarks. Maybe one should send a newsflash to Uri Avnery to remind him that the predominant religion wholeheartedly believed in by the majority of the Palestinian people is Islam. Yet again, the orientalism surfaces, by associating Islam, the religion of the indigenous, with primitiveness and passiveness, as if one who believes in it is incapable of engaging in Resistance to tyrannical occupation.

It is particularly nauseating that he would suggest Shin Bet would encourage Palestinians to turn to Islam. Palestinians need no such encouragement. Belief in Islam has been an integral element to their Resistance to 100 years of Jewish colonization and 64 years of Zionist occupation. Their faith in ALLAH (SWT) has granted them steadfastness, the likes of which the world has never seen, in the face of unrelenting ‘Israeli’ brutality. Palestinians view their survival on their land as a heavenly miracle; after a century of the Zionist entity’s mass murder campaigns, assassinations, home demolitions and acts of resource theft, the Palestinians remain. And the Palestinians will always remain, in their sincere opinion, because of ALLAH (SWT), because ALLAH (SWT) rewards those who are steadfast. Belittling the faith and dignity of a people under siege to justify a warped political thesis is revolting; just revolting. Avnery (baselessly) writes that Shin Bet initiated this policy of “turning the Palestinians towards Islam” to undermine the PLO and its chief component, Fatah, but this is massively false.

Yasser Arafat began selling Palestine down the river long before this horric, treasonous moment with Zionist war criminal Yitzhak Rabin.
The PLO began undermining itself when it turned away from its founding principles and began making backroom deals with the Zionist entity, culminating in the collaborationist disaster of the Oslo Accords.

In September 1970, Fatah presented a revolutionary document to the Second World Congress on Palestine, laying out a strategy for the liberation of all Palestinian lands, those stolen by the Zionists during al-Nakba and al-Naksa. The document also made it clear that all peoples, Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, would be granted Palestinian citizenship upon liberation of the lands and expulsion of all colonizers and usurpers.

These righteous and admirable ideas of restoration would vanish quickly unfortunately. To attain support from the Soviet Union, and as a means of internationalizing its representation of the Palestinian people, the PLO dropped these ideas in late 1973 and began secret contacts with the ‘Israelis’ as well as Zionist sympathizers in the West. The PLO leadership was prepared to give away all of the Palestinian people’s rights for a “mini-state”; for normalization with Zionism (7). Palestinians were quite aware of the PLO’s treachery and due to this, many found themselves supporting Hamas because the Islamic Resistance was unequivocally committed to liberating every inch of Palestine.

Which brings us to the origins of this rotten Avnery-repeated hasbara which surmises that Shin Bet directly created or indirectly facilitated the growth of Hamas: the ‘Israeli’ military-intelligence establishment, through and through, top to bottom, in a clear Zionist PSYOP to discredit the Resistance. There is no Arab source for this scandalous ‘bombshell’. Two pieces and two pieces only are incessantly quoted regarding the alleged ‘Israeli creation’ of Hamas; one piece is from the normally-reliable Global Research, entitled “Hamas is a creation of Mossad (8),” and the other is from the Zionist propaganda rag The Wall Street Journal, entitled “How Israel Helped To Spawn Hamas (9).”

The Global Research piece staggeringly quips that “Hamas and Ariel Sharon, see eye to eye; they are exactly on the same wave length,” simply because Hamas rejected the treasonous Oslo Accords which legitimized the Zionist theft of Palestine. A brazen assertion if there ever was one, especially considering Hamas is resisting Zionist occupation and Sharon is one of the worst and most animalistic Zionist war criminals to ever set foot in Palestine. The source for the claims in the Global Research drivel is none other than ‘Israeli’ historian Ze’ev Sternhell, a professional hasbaranik for the usurping regime and a Zionist war criminal who served as a Golani Brigades commander in multiple ‘Israeli’ wars of expansion, including al-Naksa. Sternhell views ‘Israeli’ war crimes during al-Naksa as a “return to humanity” and al-Nakba as a “a miracle” and “a historic event informed by an almost metaphysical dimension.” Sternhell also unashamedly admits, “I am not only a Zionist, I am a super-Zionist. For me, Zionism was and remains the right of the Jews to control their fate and their future (10).” Even though that “future” is built on the bodies of murdered Palestinians, on top of ethnically cleansed land. Sternhell on Hamas is about as credible as Paul Wolfowitz on WMDs in now-annihilated Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal is a propaganda rag of ultra-Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Everything that it publishes benefits Zionism
It must be noted that the Wall Street Journal is an influential hasbara rag owned by notorious ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch, a multi-billionaire with Orthodox Jewish roots who is deeply concerned about the Jewish ‘state’, who is tremendously connected to the Zionist inner circle that carried out the 9/11 false flag attack and who is friends with a plethora of prominent ‘Israeli’ war criminals (11). Also, Murdoch’s Jewish mother makes it a point to routinely convene with a supremacist rabbi from the Melbourne branch of Chabad Lubavitch (12). The fact that a piece depicting Hamas as a creation of the Zionist regime would appear in a paper with a heavy pro-‘Israel’ bias is proof in and of itself that this information only benefits Zionism and only hurts the Resistance.

“How Israel Helped To Spawn Hamas” is loaded with Zionist ‘perennial victim’ propaganda to a suffocating extent and its only sources are half a dozen officials from the Zionist occupation army, all of whom brag about their close contacts and interactions with Hamas at its very inception. This however, is the farthest thing from concrete evidence.The military of the Jewish ‘state’ is not a reliable source on any level; it is trained in the art of deception and this art is embedded in its protocol. Lying, cheating, subverting, distorting, all represent the actions of the ‘Israeli’ military in its attempts to defend the Zionist entity from criticism and there is no better example of this than the skullduggery on full display during the Operation Cast Lead genocide (13). The psychological warfare was global, with official Zionist occupation army spokespersons and unofficial Zionist fanatics engaging in an international media assault against anyone pointing out the Zionist entity’s crimes against humanity in illegally besieged Gaza (14).

The martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas. Murdered by the Zionist entity on March 22, 2004. Palestine still sheds tears for this giant; this hero.
Ironically, the lone Palestinian quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s piece of hasbara is a supporter of Hamas who vehemently denied that his group had any association with the Zionist regime. The piece also made numerous attempts to smear the righteous martyr Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, founder of Hamas, by depicting him as a Zionist collaborator and downplaying ‘Israeli’ aggression against him. Avnery echoes the downplaying in his piece, “Yet it took Shabak more than a year before it arrested Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the Hamas leader.” His insinuation is insulting. The Sheikh was known to all in the Arab world as a staunch force against Zionism and its illegal occupation of all of Palestine. There were countless threats on his life at the hands of Shin Bet, Mossad and elite units of IOF since 1987. His arrests, imprisonments and tortures that followed during his time in lock-up are also well-known; these ‘Israeli’ measures are particularly despised and decried because the Sheikh was a blind man and confined to a wheelchair, an example of his monumental courage as well as ‘Israel’s’ legendary cowardice.

Uri Avnery and the Zionist writer behind the putrid Wall Street Journal hasbara should be reminded of the ‘Israeli’ oppression of the Sheikh, as well as the two public assassination attempts against him, with the second one of course, being a ‘success’ for the Zionist regime. On March 22nd, 2004, an ‘Israeli’ helicopter gunships fired missiles into the Islamic Association Mosque in al-Sabra neighborhood of central Gaza City as Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and dozens of worshipers were leaving after the completion of Fajr, the Islamic dawn prayer. The savage Zionist attack not only murdered the 66-year old wheelchair-bound Sheikh, but at least 7 Palestinian civilians and gravely wounded 17 others, including the Sheikh’s two sons (15). This also serves as a destroyer of Avnery’s sheepish claim that the Zionist entity has some sort of affinity for mosques, as if the 34 mosques totally destroyed in Operation Cast Lead (16) and more than six decades of Zionist destruction, desecration and confiscation of Palestinian religious properties (17) weren’t proof enough.

Hezbollah According To Avnery: “Encouraged” By The Zionist Entity

Hezbollah, the righteous Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, was NOT created by 'Israel' or encouraged by it; Hezbollah has been a thorn in the side of Zionism from the very beginning of time.
The second target of Uri Avnery’s orientalist-supremacist assault on indigenous Islamic Resistance is Hezbollah, the righteous Islamic Resistance of Lebanon. Avnery elevates himself to another level in this section however as he transcends mere orientalism. To make it extraordinarily clear, what Avnery did with this piece vis-à-vis the oppressed people of Southern Lebanon and Hezbollah is a gross perversion of the historical record and a dastardly insult to any and every soul who fought and died in the struggle against the illegal 22-year Zionist occupation of Lebanese land.

Avnery writes, “The Israeli soldiers were received as liberators {in Southern Lebanon} — liberators from the PLO, which had turned this area into a state within a state.” What a monumentally detestable lie. The people of Southern Lebanon have been vigilantly opposed to Zionism even prior to the creation of ‘Israel,’ as they were quite aware of the original Zionist intention to colonize and ethnically cleanse Lebanese land up to the Litani River as part of ‘Greater Israel’.

The people of Southern Lebanon did not forget the Salha Mosque Massacre of 1948, in which Zionist terrorists marched 105 Lebanese men, women and children into the mosque of the small village and didn’t stop shooting until everyone was dead. The people of Southern Lebanon did not forget the Houla Massacre, also of 1948, in which ‘Israeli’ occupation forces burned 85 Lebanese civilians alive and ethnically cleansed nearly 11,000 Lebanese from their lands (18). And during the 1978 Zionist invasion, Operation Litani, and the 1982 Zionist invasion, Operation Peace For Galilee, Palestinians and Lebanese fought together against ‘Israel’s’ aggression, with many Lebanese even comprising the ranks of Palestinian Resistance groups (19).

Sayyed Musa al-Sadr: the spiritual godfather of Lebanese Resistance who Uri Avnery completely ignored in his "analysis.
Avnery’s next lie, is this one, “It took the Shi’ites just a few weeks to realize that they {the Zionist invaders} had no intention of leaving. So, for the first time in their history, they rebelled.” Where to begin with this orientalist-supremacist inanity? The Zionist intent to spread division through sectarian rhetoric is obvious, deliberate and trashy. Shi’a are not the only religious group in Southern Lebanon and they, like the smaller communities of Sunni, Druze and Christians, were acutely aware of the Zionists’ machinations to steal and divide their lands, hence their Resistance to the occupation from genesis. Avnery’s history is off by about two decades; the uprising against the Zionist occupation was not the first uprising in the history of the Lebanese Shi’a. The righteous, charismatic and unifying Lebanese-Iranian cleric, Sayyed Musa al-Sadr, who disappeared in Libya in 1978, was an inspiration to the abjectly impoverished Shi’a of Southern Lebanon, as well as the other ethnic and religious communities, and as early as 1960, the Shi’a were protesting for equality and an end to the terrible discrimination that they had dealt with for decades.

Sayyed Musa al-Sadr is the missing link in Avnery’s hasbara festival. He founded the Amal Movement in 1975 in hopes of deterring ‘Israeli’ aggression against Lebanon, maximizing the struggle to liberate Palestine and reforming the Lebanese political system which was disgustingly set up on ethno-sectarian lines by French colonialism. When the Sayyed vanished in 1978, it threw Amal into chaos. A power struggle ensued and many members who wanted to maintain their dignity and righteousness and preserve the Sayyed’s teachings, broke away.

These breakaway members would join the growing number of revolutionary youth inspired by architect of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini, preeminent Lebanese religious authority Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah and revolutionary Lebanese cleric Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi, who was later brutally assassinated by the Zionist regime along with his wife and son on February 16th, 1992. Hezbollah had a brotherly working relationship with the PLO while it clung to its righteous and revolutionary principles, with the two coordinating numerous retaliatory attacks against the Zionist occupation as early as 1973, 9 years before Hezbollah was officially founded with its trademark name. But as the PLO began its shift towards collaboration and increased its corrupt, abusive policies towards both the Palestinian refugees and the poverty-stricken Lebanese Shi’a, its relations with Hezbollah badly deteriorated (20).

Nabih Berri: head of Amal and current Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament; Berri and his thugs did the dirty work of 'Israel' during the Lebanese civil war by fighting Hezbollah and the Palestinian refugees.
Meanwhile, when the dust settled in the battle to control Amal, it was current Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri who emerged as the head. Under his command, and in collusion with the Syrian regime of Hafez al-Assad, Amal launched the ‘War of the Camps,’ besieging, shelling, assaulting and starving the Palestinians in Lebanon’s refugee camps for over three years and spilling the blood of thousands, including women and children (21). Women who attempted to escape the War of the Camps to attain supplies for their children were shot dead by Amal snipers (22). To this day, Berri strives to deprive the Palestinian refugees of Lebanon their basic human rights (23), and unlike the other war criminals of the Lebanese civil war, a conflict started and sustained by the Zionist entity (24), Berri refuses to apologize for the horrific crimes that his militiamen committed (25); he refuses to admit that Amal performed a great service for the Zionist entity and that it committed high treason against the cause of Arab liberation. If Sayyed Musa al-Sadr is alive and well, he is shaking his head in sheer disgust and if he has passed away, then he is spinning in his grave over what Amal became in the wake of his disappearance.

While the leader of Amal seeks to maliciously hurt Palestinians, Hezbollah enjoys more than 90% support from the Palestinian refugees confined to camps (20). The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon offers the Palestinian refugees social services and carts water into the camps on a daily basis (26). Hezbollah has guarded the Palestinian people of the camps from any and every threat since its official birth in 1982, with its mujahideen giving their very lives for their brothers and sisters, and Palestinians humbly and triumphantly acknowledge this (27). While Amal and the Syrian regime starved the Palestinian refugees, Hezbollah smuggled food to those in need. While Amal sniped women and children, Hezbollah fought Zionism and its proxies, direct and indirect, including Amal. While Amal embarrassed the memory of Sayyed Musa al-Sadr, Hezbollah fought to honor it.

Avnery actually had the gall to pen this ‘nugget’: “To outflank Amal, Israel encouraged a small, more radical, rival: God’s Party, Hezbollah.” No further analysis is needed; the facts of history laid out above in meticulous detail lay waste to the former Irgun terrorist’s nonsense. Because Hezbollah is the only power to militarily defeat the usurping Zionist entity, not once, but twice, in 2000 and 2006, it shouldn’t be too strenuous to comprehend why Avnery would purposefully and horrendously distort history to smear this group of righteous men. Axiomatically, he was merely behaving like the Zionist he is and doing his utmost to defend the precious Talmudic enclave built upon the bodies of slaughtered Palestinians and Lebanese that he just so happens to call ‘home.’

Avnery On Egypt’s Ikhwan: Geopolitical Idiocy

The Muslim Brotherhood is not
 what it used to be and not,
by any means, what it seems.
The frequent use of the term “Islamist” throughout “Shukran, Israel” is one of the largest indicators that the piece is written from a hyper-orientalist perspective. It is the ultimate sign of ignorance regarding all matters pertaining to Islam. Originating in the bigoted minds of French ‘scholars’ a little over 250 years ago, the term was popularized by the ‘war on terror’, an Orwellian, neo-‘Israeli’ declaration of global war on all nations resisting the hegemonic aspirations of the Zionist Power Configuration that was designed entirely by Zionist warmongers (28). It is a term that has been rejected by all scholars and clerics of note in the Islamic world, Sunni and Shi’a alike; anyone who uses this term, whether knowingly or unknowingly, has fallen into the Zionist trap. Avnery falls into the ‘knowingly’ category.

Avnery accurately points out that the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan al-Muslimun; Ikhwan for short) was created in Egypt 20 years before al-Nakba and because of the fervent anti-Zionist stance of its founder, the great martyr, Sheikh Hassan al-Banna, it sent volunteers to fight against the creation of the usurping regime. Many Ikhwan members valiantly died fighting for the preservation and freedom of Palestine. He also accurately renders that with the expansion of ‘Israel’ during al-Naksa (and all of the brutality before it, which Avnery conveniently fails to mention), Ikhwan’s popularity soared.

But what Avnery left out is that with the martyrdom of al-Banna at the hands of the Egyptian monarchy, and the subsequent martyrdom of his spiritual successor, the highly-revered Syed Qutb, at the hands of the justifiably paranoid Nasser government, the moral fiber that held Ikhwan together plummeted. And while Ikhwan still provided vast social services to the people of Egypt, everything from housing to education, food to health care, its allegiances shifted away from Palestine and the oppressed peoples exploited by imperialism and colonialism, paying homage to them only in rhetoric. Ikhwan found a home with the devilish, reactionary House of Saud, which became its principal and habitual financier, as well as support from the CIA, which used it as a tool against Nasser and future endeavors in psychological warfare to mask aggression against Islamic countries (29).

Flush with Saudi funds and CIA protection, Ikhwan expanded, establishing branches throughout the Arab world. It is integral to understand that Saudi money… equals Zionist money.
The House of Saud has been a dear ally of the Zionist entity since the earliest days of Saudi Arabia’s establishment, in which the kingship promised its British masters that it had “no objection” with Palestine being given to “the poor Jews (30).” Decades and decades of collaboration followed, with a Zionist-Saudi nexus being established to not only undermine Palestine and its fight for liberation at all costs, but all nationalist Arab-Islamic movements that sought freedom from Zionist domination.
Since al-Nakba, Saudi princes and government officials have regularly met with Zionist entity leaders. The House of Saud applauded as the Zionist entity massacred more than 1,400 Lebanese in 2006, stood silent as it mass murdered 431 children in illegally besieged Gaza in 2008-09 and is now actively working with ‘Israeli’ intelligence to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran (31).
Thus, unequivocally, Ikhwan, is a Zionist tool. Nothing remains of the original Ikhwan model set up by the great martyr Sheikh Hassan al-Banna, excluding Hamas; nothing at all. And it is here where the geopolitical idiocy of Avnery is exposed. He wrote his piece under the impression that Ikhwan hates ‘Israel’ but despite this, it should thank the Zionist entity for its meteoric rise to power. It is the exact opposite that is true. Ikhwan should thank the Zionist entity and shake the hands of its leaders because that is what friends do; that is what allies do. The Zionist entity and Ikhwan are partners in the repression of the Palestinian cause and Arab-Islamic Resistance in general.
Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride
The multiple factions of Ikhwan across the region, now backed by GCC giant Qatar too, are ready, willing and able to kowtow to all demands of the Zionist entity and its Lobby-controlled surrogates in the United States (32). Egypt’s Ikhwan has already given guarantees to the Zionist-occupied United States government that it will respect the traitorous Camp David Accords (33).

Ikhwan’s denials of this are overridden by the fact that Zionist-occupied Washington has pledged $150 million to the Ikhwan-controlled Egyptian Parliament (34). That kind of money simply wouldn’t be on the table without guarantees for the Zionist entity.

While Tunisian youth parties move to criminalize normalization with the usurping Zionist regime (35), Ikhwan’s Tunisia branch, al-Nahda, opposes this revolutionary move and confirmed it during a recent trip to Washington D.C. at WINEP, the research wing of AIPAC (36). While in the American capital, al-Nahda also forged links with the US Congress’ top Zionists, including Joe Lieberman and Gary Ackerman (37).

All of these acts of treason must be part of Ikhwan’s “luster,” as Avnery calls it.

The closeness between the Zionist entity
and Ikhwan deepens in the shadows.
As the shadow relationship between ‘Israel’ and Ikhwan flourishes, the Zionist media continues its relentless campaign of incitement against Ikhwan, depicting it as an existential threat to the Zionist entity. This too is by design. While there indeed are revolutionary aspirations and anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist and anti-Western sentiments amongst the Arab youth, the “Arab Spring”, a name originally conceived by Zionist warmonger Charles Krauthammer in 2005 (39), is an operation of mass Zionist subversion launched by the international intelligence directorate of ‘Israel’ and its global network of sayanim to erode the sovereignties of all neighboring Arab states under the guise of “democracy” and foster the illusion of an atmosphere of hostility against the Jewish ‘state’, setting the stage for another 1967-style war of Zionist expansion (40). ‘Israeli’ military measures are already underway in the Sinai to recapture the territory it abandoned under the false pretext of ‘peace (41).’ It isn’t expected that Avnery would reveal this kind of information, nor is it expected that Avnery should even be aware of it. What is expected is that Avnery, a Zionist living on stolen Palestinian land, keeps his immensely moronic opinions of Arab-Islamic history and Arab-Islamic Resistance to himself.

Avnery On The Islamic Republic Of Iran: Unadulterated Zionist Audacity

Proudly sporting his peace activist 'Mask of Zion,' Uri Avnery repeats the same warmongering Zionist lies against Iran.
The final target of “Shukran, Israel” is none other than the revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran. Strangely, Avnery fully admits in the piece that there was a treacherous and incestuous relationship between the US-UK-installed Shah and the Zionist entity. He notes the fortunes made by ‘Israeli’ arms dealers from selling guns to the brutal Shah regime. He notes that Shin Bet provided training to SAVAK, the Shah’s secret police, including in the area of torture. He notes that the Shah built oil pipelines to the Zionist entity, plundering Iran’s natural resources to please his ‘Israeli’ bosses and went as far as allowing ‘Israeli’ generals to use Iran as a launchpad to train Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq to undermine the revolutionary government that toppled the monarchy in Baghdad. The Islamic Revolution of 1979, led by the aforementioned Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini,
overthrew the Shah and vowed never to cooperate with the Zionist entity again. Not only for the sake of Iran but for the sake of humanity.Why then, should the Islamic Republic be thanking the entity that helped a demonic dictator oppress and torture its people for nearly three decades?

According to Avnery, because the Revolution’s Resistance to Zionism has helped unify the nation and without it, the Islamic Revolution would have gone nowhere. More unadulterated Zionist audacity wrapped in orientalist-supremacist trash. The real reason for including Iran in “Shukran, Israel” is revealed with this statement, “It seems that all Iranian factions — including the opposition — now support the Iranian effort to obtain a nuclear bomb of their own, ostensibly to deter an Israeli nuclear attack.” Avnery is spreading Zionist warmongering propaganda while masquerading as a ‘peace’ activist. Iran is not seeking a nuclear weapon. And despite all of the bellicose rhetoric in the Zionist media to the contrary, there isn’t a lick of evidence to substantiate the claims. Period (42). And the “Iranian factions” mentioned by Avnery aren’t unified in their desire to acquire a non-existent nuclear weapon, they are unified in their commitment to defend Iran from Zionist aggression (43). Avnery has an ostensible problem with getting his facts straight, like all Zionists do.

Iran has been targeted by the Zionist entity since the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in 1979
After the overthrow of the Shah, still the Zionist entity has tormented the Islamic Republic of Iran. It backed Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran, a disastrous act of aggression that left 400,000 Iraqis and over one million Iranians dead after 8 years of Western-fueled war. It launched an all-out hasbara assault in an attempt to malign the revolution, disseminating ‘Israeli’-intelligence-cooked lies about backroom weapons deals between Khomeini and the Zionist occupation. It has armed, funded and worked intimately with the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), an international terrorist outfit responsible for the deaths of more than 16,000 Iranians since 1979. It has instigated unrest on the streets of Tehran with the NED-engineered “Green Revolution.” It has attacked Iran with vicious cyber warfare; yes, the Stuxnet Virus was made in ‘Israel.’ And as of recent, its Mossad has infiltrated several levels of Iranian society to carry out acts of war (44).So should Iran thank ‘Israel’ for ordering its Mossad to assassinate 32-year old nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan (45)? Should Iran thank ‘Israel’ for ordering its Mossad to pose as CIA agents to recruit Jundallah terrorists to carry out acts of mass murder against Iranian civilians (46)? Should Iran thank ‘Israel’ for ordering its Mossad and its proxy, the MEK, to bomb an Iranian missile base and murder up to 40 soldiers in cold blood (47)? Should Iran thank ‘Israel’ for calling on the world to aerially and navally blockade Iran, even after its lobbies in Europe and America pressured those governments into passing crippling sanctions against the Islamic Republic (48)? The answer of course, is no; no, it absolutely, positively shouldn’t. And it is just downright repugnant for anyone to suggest that it should. “Shukran, Israel” is the embodiment of this repugnance.

~ End Of Part I ~

Next: Uri Avnery’s support for war criminal Barack Obama, the aggression against Libya and the ongoing destabilization of Syria are exposed, the current state of the International Palestine Solidarity Movement is picked apart in graphic detail and a call for revolution is issued…

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